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Why you need Us.

Easy transaction steps

With our competent management and staff, we attend to all our customers quickly with prompt attention. We create a conducive atmosphere at all times for easy transaction processes.

Best banking service

Among all Microfinance Banks in Nigeria, we offer one of the best service to students, workers, SME, and corporate organizations. We are proud to be competent in this area.

Customer Friendly

For us to serve all our customers better each time they bank with us, we offer a very customer friendly service throughout the work hours in our bank. We are equipped to take care of all their needs.

Bank with Us

Savings Accounts

Our saving service is top notch.
We open a fast savings account for all our customers in no time. There are several offers for numerous categories of people. We guide you so as to benifit from our customer centered offers.

Current Account

Get the best service for your business.
For business and organization or an active cash flow, we offer a reliable current account to enhance effective management and transaction time. The interest rate is one of its uniqueness and we guarantee an excellent service in this area.

Fixed Deposit

Juicy offer for your fixed deposits.
When you fix an amount with us, you enjoy a competitive interest rate with other benefits as one of our reliable customer. You can extend of opt for additional offers on your fixed asset.

E-Channel service affords the opportunity to use our online facilities to save, make payments and collect money in you business operations.
We operate debit card and a 24 hour ATM service.
Our other services include fee collection for institutions and schools. As well as bills or payment into accounts opened with us. We facilitate transactions as well as empower our staff, clients and people in our immediate community.

Daily Contributions help businesses grow and we have helped so many customers in this area. We carefully guide you on how to ensure you continue to your contibution to get handsome rewards.

Salary Advance For every salary account, we have special offers that will take care of your needs. We open such account with you in mind and this has grown in number with large positive impact on the whole family of such customers.

In our Loans service, we eqaully provide loan services to our existing customers that meet up with the basic requirements for such service. We provide additional services such as advisory and business guide to optimum use of such loan as well.